Constituency Agenda

Constituency Liaison: John-Morgan Bush


Monday, June 3
Broadway Ballroom B, Level Two

Hearing Precautions and Workplace Safety for Musicians

Dr. Heather Malyuk is an audiologist and musician from northeast Ohio. She holds a degree in Music History & Literature from the University of Akron and received her clinical doctorate in Audiology from Kent State University. She owns and directs Soundcheck Audiology, a mobile, concierge hearing wellness practice that specializes in expert audiologic care and education for the music industry. Her diverse clientele ranges from well-known touring acts to nationally acclaimed orchestras, local bands, and amateur music enthusiasts. In this constituency session, Dr. Malyuk will help musicians learn more about workplace safety and hearing protection. She will also provide specific recommendations to help musicians protect their hearing over the course of their career.

Presented by Dr. Heather Malyuk, Founder, Soundcheck Audiology


Tuesday June 4, 2019

Electives of interest to musicians:

Elective Block I: 9:00 to 10:15am

  • Musicians Transforming Communities

Elective Block II: 11:15am to 12:30pm

  • New Voices: Composers of Today

Elective Block III: 2:30pm to 3:45pm

  • Auditions, Identity, Culture


Wednesday June 5, 2019

Electives of interest to musicians:

Block IV: 9:00 to 10:15am

  • The Musicians' Perspective: Creating Collaborative Cultures in Orchestras

  • Copyrights and Music Licensing: Practical Considerations for Orchestras

  • Exploring New and Unfamiliar Repertoire

Name badges for this event generously provided by TALASKE l Sound Thinking.