Education/Community Engagement

Constituency Agenda

Constituency Liaison: Najean Lee

Education & Community Engagement
Half-Day Meeting

Location: Broadway Ballroom K, Level 2


This June 2nd Pre-Conference session is intended for EdCE professionals, and is held as a separate meeting with its own registration and fee.
Light refreshments will be provided at the Half Day meeting, but please do eat lunch beforehand!


Sunday, June 2

Omni Nashville Hotel
Half-day check-in
Pick up name badges at Registration, and all half -day registrants will be confirmed at the door.


Broadway Ballroom K, Level Two

Welcome and Overview
Walter Bitner, Nashville Symphony; Jennifer Harrell, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra



Career Pathway Programs
We’ll learn about Nashville Symphony’s Accelerando program, founded in 2015, through the lens of its many stakeholders: Nashville Symphony musicians, student participants, and the community at large. We’ll also take a look at other pathway programs in different parts of the country, including both new and well-established initiatives.

Speakers: Walter Bitner, director of education and community engagement, Nashville Symphony; Margaret Campbelle-Holman, founder & artistic director, Choral Arts Link; Leslie Fagan, asst. principal flute, Nashville Symphony; Christopher Farrell, viola, Nashville Symphony; Cassidy Fitzpatrick, VP for musician advancement, New World Symphony; Alex Macias, community development manager, Conexión Américas; Kimberly McLemore, Accelerando manager, Nashville Symphony; Pam Schneller, associate dean, Pre-college and Adult Programs, Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University; Titus Underwood, principal oboe, Nashville Symphony

3:10pm - 3:30pm



Who Gets to Participate?
Following the in-depth exploration of Nashville’s Accelerando program, we’ll continue the conversation about talent development programs by learning from other organizations doing similar work. As we wrap up our half day, we’ll turn the conversation around and discuss the steps we all can take to understand needs in our own communities. How do we assess need, and how do we position our departments/organizations to be responsive? Some initiatives approach diversity and equity with a primary focus on race/ethnicity, some focus on socioeconomic status, some concentrate on geographic region. How do you make these decisions, what’s the calculus, and how does this fit into the national conversation?

Facilitator: Aimee Halbruner, Richmond Symphony. Adrienne Thompson, Project Director, Chicago Musical Pathways Initiative; Marshall Hughes, BEAM Program Manager; Rebecca Bogers, Dean and Director, Preparatory School, New England Conservatory; Najib Wong, manager of PMAY Artists' Initiative, Settlement Music School



Summary and Closing
Jennifer Harrell, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra; Laura Reynolds, Seattle Symphony



Meet in hotel lobby for Optional Pay-Your-Own-Way EdCE Dinner at City Tap Nashville. Space limited: sign up no later than May 26th.

Education & Community Engagement Conference Constituency Meetings

All meetings take place in the Omni Nashville Hotel. On Monday and Tuesday, there will be a long table in the back of the
EdCE meeting room for people to share any interesting EdCE marketing materials they might like to bring with them.


Monday, June 3

Broadway Ballroom J, Level Two

Welcome, Theme, and Announcements
Jennifer Harrell, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra; Laura Reynolds, Seattle Symphony; Walter Bitner, Nashville Symphony


Broadway Ballroom J, Level Two

Balancing Act
EdCE departments are tasked to represent and respond to the needs of a wide range of communities. The demands of this work often exceed the training and expertise we bring with us to our organizations. How are we supporting our own learning and development in ways that build capacity and competence for our teams and organizations? In this session we will explore the evolving role of EdCE departments within orchestras, look at frameworks for prioritizing community needs, and compare strategies that help us succeed.

Facilitators: Jennifer Harrell, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra; Laura Reynolds, Seattle Symphony


Tuesday, June 4
Cumberland 3-4, Level Three

Roundtable Discussions
In this always popular session, we’ll identify the most pressing topics of the day and break into smaller groups for two sets of concurrent discussion. Possible topics include: Addressing Social Issues, EDI, Service Learning, The Role of Self-Advocates, Partnering with Musicians.

Facilitator: Kathryn Schwarzmann, Madison Symphony Orchestra


Wednesday, June 5

Coffee/Networking Break
EdCE constituents are encouraged to meet up during the coffee/networking break to compare notes on electives you’ve attended thus far and exchange your thoughts and questions. This will be informal, but the last time EdCE will have a chance to gather in person! Look for your coffee captain – the exact spot will be announced in Tuesday’s EdCE session.

Facilitator: Terry Wolkowicz, New Bedford Symphony Orchestra

Name badges for this event generously provided by TALASKE l Sound Thinking.