Executive Directors
Groups 7-8

Constituency Agenda

Constituency Liaison: Najean Lee nlee@americanorchestras.org


Monday, June 3
Music Row 3, Level Two

Welcome, Announcements, and Get-to-know
We’ll spend some time getting to know everyone from 7/8 who made it out to Nashville – we anticipate a good mix of familiar and new faces and will set aside some quality time to get to know one another and each take 2-3 minutes to share a top priority, challenge, or success.
Speakers: Heather Clarke, Idaho State-Civic Symphony


Music Row 3, Level Two

Development and Marketing Planning
What does community-based development look like? Even for veterans with decades of experience, it’s helpful to identify solid, basic development and marketing plans and processes with a clear checklist for how to proceed for each.
Speakers: Eric Nelson, client engagement officer, TRG Arts



Optional Pay-Your-Own-Way Group Dinner
Sign up for dinner at Bakersfield (201 3rd Ave S) here. Only 20 spots available.


Wednesday, June 5
Music Row 3, Level Two

Dividing, Conquering, and Comparing Notes
Conference 2019 offers a wide array of electives, so we’ll dedicate this time to sharing our top takeaways from the electives we attended so the full group can benefit from all the individual a-ha moments. Collectively, we’ll work to translate some of those lessons and inspirations into a smaller budget context.

Name badges for this event generously provided by TALASKE l Sound Thinking.