Constituency Agenda

Constituency Liaison: James Barry


Monday, June 3
Broadway Ballroom A, Level Two

Constituency Meeting

  • Building Orchestra Relationships (3:00pm - 4:00pm)
    Participants will learn about and explore pathways in developing relationships with orchestras that can lead to performances or commissions of their music.

    Moderator: Patrick Castillo, Composer & Director, Hotel Elefant; Third Sound

    Panelists: Aiden Feltkamp, Director of Emerging Composers & Diversity, American Composers Orchestra; Rachel Sokolow, Promotion Director, G. Schirmer/AMP | Music Sales Classical; Delta David Gier, Music Director, South Dakota Symphony Orchestra; Vanessa Rose, President & CEO, American Composers Forum; Vanessa Rose, president & CEO, American Composers Forum; Jessica Slais, Vice President of Artistic Administration, Nashville Symphony

  • Music Alive Public Report (4:00pm - 5:30pm)


Tuesday, June 4

Elective Sessions

  • Suggested: Musicians Transforming Communities

    What makes community engagement successful? Recipients of the 2019 League’s Ford Musician Awards for Excellence in Community Service and others share the elements of their practice that contribute to individual transformation and lasting community impact. They’ll discuss their work in health care, educational, and other community settings and they’ll relay the musical, strategic, and organizational skills required for high-impact results.


10:00am - 12:00pm

Meet ‘n’ greet with composer Jonathan Leshnoff at NAXOS Booth (Optional)



Elective Sessions

Suggested: New Voices: Orchestra Composers of Today

Session participants will be introduced to four emerging composers whose unique compositional voices – increasingly informed by political, social, and cultural forces – are making an impact in concert halls across the country. Learn about their orchestral output; how they view their music, as creators, in an art form responding to change; and the ever-increasing role composers play in nurturing the fabric of their communities as teachers, community educators, concert curators and producers, entrepreneurs, musicians, and conductors.

Moderator: Daniel Bernard Roumain

Panelists: Jennifer Jolley; Derrick Spiva; Alex Temple; Evan Williams


12:45pm - 2:15pm
Schermerhorn Symphony Center Music Library

Music Library Tour with Nashville Symphony Principal Librarian, Jennifer Goldberg and staff

Composers, come meet with the Nashville Symphony Librarians. Tour their digs; see how an orchestra librarian can be your best asset. To join the tour, please meet promptly at 12:45pm at the corner of Demonbruen St and 4th Avenue South (NOTE CORRECTED MEETING LOCATION), in front of the fountain/recording angel at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.



Constituency Session (shared session with AAs)

  • Copyrights and Music Licensing: Practical Considerations for Composers and Artistic Administrators

    Copyrights, Commissions, and Music Licensing in Today’s Music Industry – What does a 21st century music publisher do? Who controls music rights? Deepen your understanding of the copyright and music licensing considerations behind commissioning, new music projects, and recording. Session participants will dive into the details of clearances, working with music publishers, and custom arrangement licensing and compliance. 

    Speakers: Ari Solotoff, attorney, Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson, P.A.



Hannibal Lokumbe’s Crucifixion Resurrection: Nine Souls a-Traveling

Intersection, Kelly Corcoran, conductor, artistic director


Wednesday, June 5
9:00am - 10:15am

A Conversation with Joan Tower, 2019 Gold Baton Recipient



Elective Sessions

  • Suggested: Community Identity in Programming

    Orchestras today are increasingly looking to their own community when programming and commissioning new pieces. Hear from composers and administrators on the front line of this work: how are new compositions created with community in mind; how are programs curated that reflect community; what challenges and success were encountered; and what was the community’s response. 

    Moderator: Teddy Abrams, Music Director, Louisville Orchestra

    Panelists: Lembit Beecher, composer; Tania Leon, composer; Eun Lee, The Dream Unfinished            

Name badges for this event generously provided by TALASKE l Sound Thinking.